Reviews of Surviving the United Nations

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US Special Forces
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Surviving the United Nations

The Unexpected Challenge


By Robert Bruce Adolph, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Special Forces (retired) & Chief Security Advisor, United Nations (retired)


The author has the unusual distinction of being twice fired and twice promoted by the UN. Discovering “why” makes for fascinating reading.


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Robert Bruce Adolph is a former US Army Infantry Staff Sergeant and retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. He served for nearly 15 years following his departure from active military service as a senior UN security advisor in Sierra Leone, Yemen, Iraq, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Indonesia, and as Chief of the Middle East and North Africa at UN Headquarters in New York City.


“No rose-colored glasses here. Bob Adolph lays bare his unique experience in pursuit of idealistic humanitarian purposes while in some of the toughest places on the planet.”
– Peter J. Schoolmaker, General, USA (retired), former Chief of Staff of the US Army


“A superb, painfully honest and moving account of a live lived amid the great and lesser crises of our time…”
– Ralph Peters, New Your Times best-selling author of Beyond Terror and Endless War


“Lieutenant Colonel Bob Adolph’s unforgettable and brutally frank history provides graphic meaning to the un-attributed quote, ‘You are either at the table or on the menu.'”
– William Garrison, Major General, US Army (retired), former Commanding General of the Joint Special Operations Command


Robert Adolph is the real deal, a Special Forces officer, United Nations security expert, and scholar in the most dangerous countries of the world. His life mattered in a way that those of the famous often don’t.”
– Robert Kaplan, New York Times multiple best-selling author